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Trataka is a yogic method of meditation that involves staring at a single point so that energy can be stimulated on “Third Eye” and psychic abilities can be enhanced.
This constant gazing leads to halt of restless mind, stimulation of pineal gland (in Kundalini Yoga this is known as third eye).
The process and change introduce by Swami Ji in this meditation practice is to gaze on Guru Energies. Gazing on Master’s (Sadguru) energies helps not only in achieving a thoughtless state but give significant vibrations associated with Sadguru at physical and subtle level. Practitioners achieve quick and controlled activation of Third eye by just connecting with Sadguru at mental level.
The meditation has two stages, lasting a total of 20 minutes.


First Stage: 15 minutes
Sit in a comfortable posture and relax your entire body. Keep spine erect and remain conscious. With open eyes start gazing at central point of Sadguru’s forehead (You can use any photograph or the one given here). Keep gazing. Just witness what is happening. Just be totally in that moment.


Second Stage: 5 minutes
Gently close your eyes. Keeping your eyes closed, focus on your third eye and keep observing. Be silent and still.
Practice this daily. You can increase the duration as well. This meditation technique will slowly prepare you for achieving higher and subtle energies.