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Importance of Sadguru’s Guidance

13 Sep

Importance of Sadguru’s Guidance

Swami ji explained about disciple not getting immersed within that supreme and keeps on wasting his time and life, if not guided by right sadguru.

Illusions created by Mind and Body in spiritual journey
  • A disciple can get distracted with different kind of illusions
  • How our mind keeps us absorbed in different illusions and keep us away from liberation
  • How our current scenarios are related to our past deeds
  • How our current deeds can transform a disciple life

Swami ji explained that spiritual journey is only for those who can fight with themselves and their illusionary desires. How with sadguru’s grace a disciple can experience the almighty within themselves.

Swami ji explained with a story that almighty can not be found outside in temples, mosques, churches etc., it can only be found within ourselves.

We keep on getting absorbed in three modes of material nature Sat, Raj and Tam (known as gun in spiritual world) but do not focus on the fourth and important dimension or mode- known as Gunateet (the state of being in a state beyond three modes of material). This state immersed a disciple into that supreme lord.