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Guru Purnima 2019 in Delhi

15 Jul

Guru Purnima 2019 in Delhi

Swami Krishnanand Ji discourse on occasion of Guru Purnima in Delhi on 15-July-2019. Swami Ji spoke about devotion and what leads to actual devotion.

Key things Swami Ji spoke about
  • Difference between Yog and Yoga
  • Effect of Devotion and benefits of the same in human birth
  • Difference between guru and teacher
  • Benefits of visiting sadguru on special days like birthday, guru purnima

Swami ji spoke about indirect benefits people receive without doing anything when they visit their sadguru on day of his birth and  guru purnima. He also spoke about not to indulge in any kind of forgery and benefits everyone gets by being pure from mind, soul and thoughts.

Swami ji spoke about two things that every human can control – first choosing the sadguru and second choosing the deeds we can do. These two things will lead to a righteous life.

Swami ji mentioned benefits of right kind of devotion by giving several example from Sadguru Kabir Ji stories. Through this discourse and story of Lord Buddha he has explained the right way of living through the life when someone is on path of spirituality.