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My father was diagnosed with Parkinson and heart disease as well, and was on wheel chair from last four month. After attending and practising divyastra given by Swami Ji in one of the meditation camp, i tried using the same technique to heal my father. After just few hours of energy flow, he has started walking on his own and effects of Parkinson has also vanished. Our medical doctor stated, ‘Whatever you are practising, please continue. The results are neither explainable not arguable.

Rajiv Kumar Gupta, U.P., India

During Badrinath’s saadhna camp, Swami Ji was taking first session of meditation. I suddenly felt a white light emerging from my root chakra and slowly moving from all other chakras till third-eye chakra. My entire body is filled with that light and i went out from body through crown chakra, and met with my ancestors as well as my father. By Swami Ji’s grace i came back in my body and realised how Swami Ji is teaching us a way of living supremely conscious and liberated life.

Sukhdev Sahu, Chattisgarh

My 14 months old nephew was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and was on ventilator in ICU. His condition was getting deteriorated and doctors were not very hopeful on survival. After utilizing  divyastra technique given by Swami Ji, i was able to heal him completely. This has proved the power of techniques given by Swami Ji  to make ourselves self-reliant.

Santosh Sharma