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Swami Krishnanand ji Maharaj – Life Introduction

Whenever there is fall in the values of dharma in life and the evil forces are at peak which try to annihilate the humane values in the society or in other words whenever there is culmination in hypocrisy and the so called perpetrators of the religion start exploiting the common man in the name of religion and rituals resulting in the unabated violence, treachery and immorality; then the divine mother nature looks towards the Buddhas and Sadgurus in the society, to start rebuilding of the new order in the society. This is the time for the divine souls to incarnate as super humans beings on the earth.

Such a divine and realized soul is Swami Krishnayan ji, who incarnated on the earth on 8thDec, 1949 at Buxar in the state of Bihar in India. His grandfather was an accomplished and realized soul who was an authority in all types of yoga namely Hathyoga (हठयोग-Determination), Rajyoga (राजयोग-Royal), Sahaj Yoga (सहज योग– natural ways) and the Bhakti yoga (भक्ति योग-Devotion). His father also used to live in the state of Samadhi (Trance), after superannuating from the Bihar government job. He inherited divinity & renunciation from his grandfather Swami Atma Das, who initiated him at a tender age of five years. He was also a talented student and he acquired higher education in the fields of science, literature and law.

In search of truth he travelled to various remote locations in the Himalayas, like Gomukh, Nandanvan and Tapovan and attained perfection in Hatha yoga and Raj yoga. Then he moved on to Kedarnath, Tungnath, Badrinath and Alkapuri to attain perfection in techniques of Rajyoga.  At last, he returned back to the place from where he started his journey, i.e. back under the aegis of his own grandfather, swami Atma Das. He attained enlightenment at an early age of 28 years and on his way he undertook journeys to the various realms. He believes in narrating the truth seen with own eyes and as experienced by himself.

Today he is giving the message for universal well being by establishing the “Sad Vipra Samaj” (a society consisting of truthful people with specific intellectual traits who act earnestly for the betterment of the society). He has also given “Divine Secret Science” to the mankind for freeing himself from the bonding due to the physical, emotional and spiritual actions.

Vision of Swami Ji

Sadhana for self enlightenment and service to the humanity” is the sole purpose of his physical presence on the earth. He has given the doctrine of dynamic meditation while doing the regular chores of life and established Sadvipra Samaj (a society consisting of truthful and ethical people with specific intellectual traits who act earnestly for the betterment of the society) to spread the message of considering the world as a universal family (वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम Vasudhaiv kutumbakam) for crating a new world order.

Due to the influence of satanic traits of the current era, Kaliyug; we all have compartmentalised ourselves into various categories and sub categories namely wealthy – poor, superior – inferior, cast, colour & creed and made ourselves as enemies of each other, thereby resulting in the birth of terrorism. He is trying to remove the sick mentality from the minds of the masses by linking us to the god almighty, in order to unite the mankind. He is determined to convert all the homes into hermitages or the abode of the God, where a man will treat another man as an image of the God almighty. There will be no space for apartheid, hate or terrorism.