Sadvipra Samaj Sewa (A non-profit organisation)

In order to achieve the twin goals of Atma Moksha and Selfless Social Service, Sadguru Swami Krishnanand Ji Maharaj has established ‘Sadvipra Samaj Seva’- a system of world administration in which each ‘Sadvipra’ fulfils his or her responsibilities with seva bhav (selflessness and magnanimity).

The goal for each Sadvipra is to make efforts in meditation (Swar Sadhna and Divine Secret Science) and to lead other human beings on to the path of a spiritual and an honorable living, rejecting all shackles of caste, creed, religion and sect.

A ‘Sadvipra’ is a extraordinary individual whose thoughts, feelings and actions are dignified and honorable. Such an individual has the qualities of performing all four types of seva :

Brahmanochit Seva:

Done with the aim of removing ignorance, imprudence and illiteracy existing in the society by granting knowledge and wisdom.

Kshatriyochit Seva:

Performed by using personal power in order to put an end to the merciless suppression of the vulnerable sections of the society.

Vaishyochit Seva:

Apt service in the favor of those who feel discouraged due to their economic helplessness.

Shudrochit Seva:

Physical assistance and help to the ailing, disabled, at-risk sections of the masses.

As a socio-spiritual organization, SVSS continues to contribute to the society in many ways. Our aim and objective includes providing material and financial aid in case of natural calamities; providing education, water, food and clothing to the children of the economically weaker sections (including free education, food and clothing to the tribal children in the states of Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh).

SVSS is also known for its environmental projects such as the SVSS Tree Plantation Drive and Ganga Cleansing Awareness Program among the people residing near Sadguru Dham Ashrams at Dumri, Baraipur and Buxar.

SVSS also holds health awareness & blood donation camps routinely, and provides financial assistance in the marriage of girls belonging to economically challenged families.

SVSS members also promote young talent in all sections of society by organizing talent searches frequently.

SVSS has championed the cause of drug de-addiction through a combination of medical and meditative interventions.

The organization is actively involved in bringing about spiritual awareness among masses through the promotion of:

  • Swar Sadhna
  • Divine Secret Science
  • Shiv Kirtan,Techniques of Khechari Mudra
  • Chakra Cleansing, and
  • Tandav which lead to the awakening of Kundalini.
SVSS Services in spotlight

SVSS, Maharashtra distributing food to migrant labour’s during covid enforced lockdown

Plantation drive and water conservation by SVSS, Maharashtra on Guru Purnima

SVSS, Maharashtra distributing food to migrant labour’s during covid enforced lockdown