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17 Sep

Swami Ji explaining Moksha (Liberation)

Swami ji explaining moksha (liberation or enlightenment) , its significance and how it can be achieved

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13 Sep

Importance of Sadguru’s Guidance

Swami ji explaining sadguru kabir’s literature covering aspects of disciple journey and distractions that should be avoided

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05 Jul

Guru Purnima 2020 in Delhi

Swami Krishnanand Ji discourse on occasion of Guru Purnima -2020 in delhi.

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11 Nov

Swami Ji on Krishna and Subtle Bodies Nov 2018 Mathura

Swami Krishnanand Ji discourse on different subtle bodies on Nov-2018, Mathura.

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25 Sep

Swami Ji discourse on Living Master and a Befitting Disciple

Swami Ji spoke about importance of a living Sadguru in a disciple life and why a disciple should use the proximity of Sadguru for achieving the ultimate truth of life.

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