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Buddhi Kaushal Sadhna


  • To improve memory and concentration
  • To improve academic performance
  • To strengthen scientific and academic research
  • To enhance business and job prospects
  • To enhance skills of divergent thinking and creativity
  • Simplest method to begin meditation and prevent diversion of mind in young students

A distracted mind is the greatest obstacle for any student who wishes to achieve academic and exam related success. Inability to focus all mental faculties towards the achievement of a singular goal affects acquisition, storage and recall of learnt material; which in turn affects the conceptual clarity of any student.  As a result, many young students don’t ‘feel like studying’ or are ‘not able to understand’ many concepts.

Buddhi Kaushal Sadhna is the simplest meditation technique by which students can achieve their academic goals.  Through this technique, the student himself learns the art of centering his mind and emotional state. During Shaktipaat, the Acharya/Pracharak places the mantra and yantra in the pupil’s Sahasrara Chakra, Agya Chakra and Anahad Chakra. With consistent practice, students themselves begin to notice improvement in their memory and concentration.

In this practice, students are also taught Trāṭak, which helps activate the Agya Chakra and improves creative and divergent thinking skills.

Survey shows that consistent practice of Buddhi Kaushal Sadhna over six months improves the academic performance of students by 10-15%. It is a surefire technique to improve business skills and enhance business and job prospects.